Jan 01 2015

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UK team lobbies Mars One to send lettuce on first mission to Mars

Lettuce has had some success growing in the ISS, and in Mars-like conditions simulated on Earth. Now if they could grow steak-flavored lettuce, that’d be something!

Here’s the but-it’s-time-to-slap-some-hippies” part:

Researchers working on the #LettuceOnMars project recently fielded questions as part of a Reddit AMA. Reddit users grilled researchers on the risks entailed by introducing foreign organisms to the planet.

The students did their best to explain the precautions they will take to ensure the Red Planet remains uncontaminated.

“First, we will use a lab strain of lettuce that is as clean as it gets,” project leaders wrote. “Then we will sterilize all equipment including the surface of the seeds, so the greenhouse will be as virus free as it gets.”

W-T-F? Consider our contamination of any life on Mars our first step in terraforming the planet. Plus, if sickness or death from a Mars virus is a concern (and I’d argue it would be), all the more reason to have Earth microbes fight it out with Martian microbes before we even get there.

Get a job, environmental douche bags!

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