Jan 02 2015

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Shameless book plug

Technology Innovations Spin NASA’s SMAP into Space. No — not Ship Messaging and Positioning in my book Ships & Stones. And why haven’t you bought a copy, and why haven’t you bought 10 copies to share?

Here’s the elevator pitch:

Ships & Stones is hard science fiction set a generation after the first colonists on Mars. It’s not military sci-fi, except some of the characters act like it is. It is definitely not dystopian, except to some of the other characters. It’s not a mystery, except we don’t know who the bad guy is. Its main protagonist is a Christian merchant ship captain prone to motion sickness, and it has a book within a book, and occurs during the end of the Martian tourist season.

I’m hoping to put the finishing touches on its sequel, Moore Trouble by the end of the month — you’ll definitely want to read Ships & Stones by then. Click on the link to the right to buy it from Amazon.

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