Jan 05 2015

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X-37…Sun Tzu edition

Or Princess Bride edition…take your pick.

The author’s intellect is truly dizzying:

The US Air Force has maintained that the purpose of the X-37B is to test new sensors and new satellite technologies, and there is no reason to doubt that part of its mission entails that. Despite this, many speculate that the secrecy surrounding the X-37 shrouds a more nefarious purpose such as that of a “space weapon” or an anti-satellite weapon (ASAT). However, as noted by some, the size and the lack of maneuverability of the X-37, and the fact that the X-37 can be tracked even by amateurs as makes such a purpose dubious at best.3 Nevertheless, wild speculation about the purpose of the X-37 runs rampant, including space bombing, surveillance, interfering with other satellites, spying on the Chinese Tiangong-1, or deploying spy satellites.4 These theories about the X-37’s purpose are denied by the Air Force yet remain popular despite their impracticability, which ultimately works to the benefit of concealing the true nature of the program.

The whole article reminded me of Vizzini arguing with Wesley:

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