Jan 06 2015

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Liveblogging the SpaceX CRS-5 launch and booster return

I’ll (er…we’ll) be up bright and early on Friday liveblogging and tweeting the launch. Hopefully it’ll go off on schedule, because Donny’s flight leaves at 6am on Friday. I (we) might be liveblogging as I drive down to the airport if not.

Scrub officially occurred at T-1 minute 28 seconds. SpaceX will not have a post-scrub debriefing.

2nd stage TVC abort system was the problem area.

0329: Standing by for a briefing by the Launch Director for the abort.
0328: Tanks vented. Back on external power.

Launch time for Friday will be 2:09am (Pacific time) on Friday, 9 January.

Some sort of actuator drift on the Thrust Vector Abort System occurred. It was gradually becoming a bigger and bigger problem, apparently. It’ll have to be resolved before Friday’s launch attempt.

0323: Looks like the strongback is back in position.
0321: All systems in “safe” mode. Still no word on why the countdown was aborted. The TV announcer just announced we’ve aborted for the morning. Standby….
0320: Beginning to raise the strongback.
0319: Countdown aborted. GRUMBLE GRUMBLE GRUMBLE
0318: Launch Director verifies we’re “Go” for launch, range is “green”, fuel tanks pressurized.
0317: Rocket on internal power and armed for launch. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!
0316: Strongback has been retracted.
0314: Dragon is now on internal power. WOOOOT!
0313: T-7 minutes and counting. Things are still looking great for launch.
0310: T-10 minutes and counting.
0309: Confirmation that Autosequence has started on board Falcon 9.
0308: All stations report “go” for launch.
0307: Autosequence will start at T-10:30 (3 minutes away).
0304: Poll for ready-for-launch will occur at T-13 minutes (3 minutes away).
0300: T-20. Beginning final launch preparations.
0257: MMMMMMM…..Coffee! I like mine with cream and caramel. My US Navy former self frowns in disapproval.

It looked something like this…but this isn’t the actual shot they showed on TV.

0253: COOL! The ISS is passing over Cape Canaveral, and they showed a shot of it using long range optical tracking.
0248: Son Donny is awake and monitoring our twitter feed. He’ll retweet anything from SpaceX or NASA concerning the launch.
0244: Weather.com says it’s 58 degrees with 3 mph winds at Kennedy Space Center.
0242: A big plume of gas just got released by the rocket — the wind looks calm judging by how slowly it blew away.
0239: Awake (barely), and NASA TV says we’re on schedule for a 3:20 (Pacific time) launch.

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