Jan 15 2015

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Senator Cruz lays out Space agenda

Ted Cruz laid out Commerce Committee’s Space, Science and Competitiveness subcommittee’s space agenda in a press release yesterday.

Priorities include:

  • Reauthorization of the Commercial Space Launch Act (CSLA), citing competition within the commercial sector as its primary benefit.
  • Support for the SLS and Orion

He wants to hold hearings on the Asteroid Redirect Mission “to help NASA articulate and formulate its priorities for space exploration, whether to an asteroid, the moon, Mars or beyond.”

He also is not pleased with our reliance on Russian rocket engines.

I didn’t know this:

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden told the NASA Advisory Council today that he has met Cruz once and he was “cordial,” but Bolden does not know if Cruz will be as active on NASA issues as was Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL). Nelson chaired the subcommittee in the last Congress when Democrats controlled the Senate. Bolden and Nelson are close friends. Nelson flew on the space shuttle in 1986 (STS-61C) when he was a Congressman and Bolden was the pilot of that mission. Nelson is widely credited with getting Bolden the job as NASA Administrator. He is now the top Democrat on the full Senate Commerce Committee.

It always pays to have friends in high places (literally, in this case). And there was this:

in response to a question about whether he was interested in space while growing up, Cruz criticized the Obama Administration for losing sight of NASA’s “core mission” and vowed to refocus NASA on “its core priority of exploring space.” “We need to get back to the hard sciences, to manned space exploration and to the innovation that has been integral to the mission of NASA. We should not be allowing NASA to have its resources diverted to extraneous political agendas and apart from exploring space.”

I can’t argue with that — NASA shouldn’t be an outreach organization to the Muslim world. What a freakin’ waste of taxpayer $$.

The biggest worry about Cruz being in charge of NASA’s budget seems to be the impact He’ll have on future climate-change missions, since he’s a skeptic of climate change. Since I, too, am a skeptic (for too many reasons to list here. All I’ll say to your climate-change acolytes is this: you’re flat out wrong.), I see no controversy in Cruz’s appointment at all.

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