Jan 16 2015

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The Beagle had landed

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter team thinks they have found Beagle 2 via the orbiter’s HiRISE imager:

Pretty cool!

According to Wikipedia:

The spacecraft had successfully deployed from the Mars Express on December 19, 2003 and had planned to land on Mars on Christmas Day, however, no contact was received at the expected time of landing on Mars, with the ESA declaring the mission lost in February 2004, after numerous attempts to contact the spacecraft were made. The spacecraft’s fate remained a mystery until it was announced in January 2015 that NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, using HiRISE, had found the probe intact on the surface of Mars. It was then determined that an error had prevented two of the spacecraft’s four solar panels from deploying, blocking the spacecraft’s communications. Beagle 2 was the first British and first European probe to achieve a landing on Mars.

We should put a hyperspectral orbiter around the Moon to prove to knotheads once and for all that we landed there.

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