Jan 16 2015

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Video of attempt to land on the ASDS

Watching this gives me a much better idea of what went wrong. If you notice, the rocket is approaching off the side of the ship, and then a rapid correction is made, causing the booster to land on the edge of the deck and crash to the side.

I postulate that the last second adjustment was by the ASDS to try to catch the rocket, and not the rocket itself (which was out of hydraulic fluid by this point).

Also notice that most of the rocket skipped off the deck and over the side of the ASDS. That probably helped limit the damage to the deck, but also shows how fast the rocket ended up traveling in the horizontal direction relative to the ship.

Pretty awesome footage, and no doubt SpaceX will learn from this. I’ll wag it and say they have a 90% chance of success the next time they try.

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