Jan 18 2015

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Busy week for Curiosity rover

Software update, rock drilling on the agenda.

Next week’s planned software revision, like the mission’s earlier ones, adds protections against vulnerabilities identified in rover testbed activities on Earth. It also adds improvements to make planning drives more efficient.
“The files have already been uplinked and are sitting in the rover’s file system to be ready for the installation,” said JPL’s Danny Lam, the deputy engineering operations chief leading the upgrade process.
One change in the new software is to enable use of the rover’s gyroscope-containing “inertial measurement unit” at the same time as the rover’s drill, for better capability to sense slippage of the rover during a drilling operation. Another is a set of improvements to the rover’s ability to autonomously identify and drive in good terrain.

They’re drilling on a rock named Mojave that may contain salt crystals from the evaporated lake basin.

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