Jan 20 2015

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Live-blogging the MUOS-3 launch

Alrighty…looks like things are going swimmingly. I’m unplugging so that I can go to some umpire training. Thanks for reading!

17:09: Centaur engine ignition. Everything looks good.
17:08: Payload fairings jettisoned.
17:06: All 5 boosters ejected safely.
17:05: Everything’s looking great. 2095 mph speed.
17:04: LIFTOFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooooot!!
17:03: Rocket is armed.
17:02: Rocket is on internal power.
17:00: T-4 minutes and counting.
16:59: Launch is a “go”. Command interference has been resolved.
16:58: All stations report “Go” for launch…except the range. Still command interference. Spacecraft is on internal power.
16:55: Green for upper level winds. 17:04 is new launch time, but they’re still messing with the command interference issue.
16:52: Sounds like they have a handle on the command interference. Now waiting for the winds to cooperate.
16:47: New launch time is now 16:59. They’re still working the command interference, and the winds are being pesky.
16:44: New launch time 16:54.
16:42: LC switched back to the “not ready” position. Grumble grumble grumble…
16:41: LC has switched the launch to the “ready” position.
16:39: Upper winds are now green. Waiting for them to resolve the command interference. Launch window closes at 17:34.

interference control

[‚in·tər′fir·əns kən‚trōl]


The monitoring of radio frequencies assigned to a missile range to detect interfering radiations that could cause missile-borne equipmentto malfunction, and the concerted effort to locate and terminate the source of such radiations.

16:35: Range is red due to commanding interference. Winds have shifted launch time to 16:49. Still in a T-4 minute hold.
16:30: T-4 minutes and holding (scheduled hold).
16:26: Weather is good. Probability of weather violation: 10%
16:25: Launch on schedule for 16:43. Oooops….note that all times on this blog are Pacific time. They’re in a scheduled 15 minute hold while they do final checks.
16:24: Launch window will be open for 44 minutes.
16:23: FINALLY — we can see the launch pad. T-4 minutes 40 seconds.
16:22: Webcast begins. Splash screen saying we better not resell this video.
16:18: Folks on-site tell us T-8 minutes.
16:13: AWESOME!! My boss moved us up to the big conference room, so we have a theater-effect viewing experience. BTW, I work for the best company evar. 8:40 and counting to the webcast.
16:05: Opened the pack of smoked almonds I bought from 7-11. Quite tasty.
16:01: Well…this’ll be exiting…the ULA web cast has a test pattern with a countdown of 20 minutes. It says “Live Coverage of the Atlas V MUOS-3 Luanch begins in 20:14…13…12. BOOOOOOOOO!

I’m blogging live from my office’s conference room, using the projector to give myself a big-screen effect for the webcast. Thanks, Epsilon Systems!

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