Jan 20 2015

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To Live-blogging the MUOS-3 launch, that is the question

I’ve been going back and forth on whether I’ll live-blog the MUOS-3 launch. I only plan to live-blog significant events (like SpaceX’s attempt to recover a booster, or NASA’s Orion launch & recovery), so the question is “Is the MUOS launch significant?”

The answer ultimately is “Yes”, at least on a personal level. I’ve worked on the MUOS project for 10 years, and though I’m not on it at the moment, I’m looking forward to the day I’m working on the project again.

Tune in here around 4pm Pacific Time for live updates on ULA’s Atlas V launch of MUOS-3.

Picture courtesy of AmericaSpace.com

Interestingly, MUOS-3 is the largest payload every carried by an Atlas V. I’ve seen it up close — it is a honkin’ huge bird.

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