Jan 20 2015

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This is the DAWNing of the approach on dwarf Ceres

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft releases new images of dwarf planet Ceres. The pictures were taken on the 13th, and are still only 80% the resolution that we can get with Hubble.

And, of course, the obligatory 5th Dimension reference:

I saw an off-Broadway production of Hair back in the early 90s, and I have to say is was pretty entertaining (and much better than the movie), even though it oozed Hippy cooties all over the place.

At least the music video is of the band flying along in space on some sort of flying-saucer platform. Plus I’m an Aquarius. And the song sings of Jupiter, Mars, the Moon, and stars, so it actually fits within the theme of this blog. So I haven’t endorsed Hippyism, right? RIGHT????

Better get out the disinfectant, just in case:

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