Jan 26 2015

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Google Lunar Xprize awards $5.25 mil for milestone achievements

Congrats to all winners:

The 9 awarded Milestone Prizes are as follows:

Astrobotic (US): IMAGING ($250,000), MOBILITY ($500,000), LANDING ($1M)

Hakuto (Japan): MOBILITY ($500,000)

Moon Express (US): IMAGING ($250,000), LANDING ($1M)

Part-Time Scientists (Germany): IMAGING ($250,000), MOBILITY ($500,000)

Team Indus (India): LANDING ($1M)

So that means the winners were, in order of most prize money earned:

  • Astrobiotic (US): $1.75 million
  • Moon Express (US): $1.25 million
  • Team Indus (India): $1 million
  • Part-time Scientists (Germany): $750k
  • Hakuto (Japan): $500k

Congrats to all winners!

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