Jan 27 2015

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SMARA may swarm Jupiter’s atmosphere

A bunch of small- or micro-sats may be released into Jupiter’s atmosphere as part of ESA’s JUICE mission in 2030.

This is being reported in a couple of places in today’s news, so I’ll report it here with the following observations:

  • SMARA is a proposed add-on to the JUICE mission, yet it’s being reported as if SMARA is a done deal. It’s not.
  • Doesn’t anybody credit any one else’s work these days? Correctly, at least? ScienceDaily.com also reports on SMARA and it is the same article word-for-word as the SpaceDaily article linked above, yet they show different sources. I get that it’s easier to C&P than it is to link and comment, but c’mon…get your sources right and provide a link. Jeez!

Permanent link to this article: http://www.newspaceraces.com/2015/01/27/smara-may-swarm-jupiters-atmosphere/

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