Feb 02 2015

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SpaceX conducts successful Static Fire test for DSCOVR mission

in preparation for its 8 Feb launch.

The last launch for SpaceX (CRS-5 resupply to the ISS) failed its initial Static Fire, which resulted in a three-week launch delay. I’m sure SpaceX is breathing a small sigh of relief now that the Static Fire test is behind them.

They did this Static Fire a week before launch, whereas for CRS-5 they did the Static Fire 2 days before. No doubt they did this so if there was an issue with the test, there’d be time to fix it and retry the firing before the scheduled launch.

After the launch of the Falcon 9, SpaceX will attempt to land the first stage on their ASDS. We’ll be live-blogging pre-launch through the booster recovery attempt here, so stay tuned!

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