Feb 03 2015

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Congrats to Missouri University of Science and Technology

They won AFRL’s Space Vehicles Directorate University Nanosat Program competition.

  • 1st place – Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • 2nd place – University of Colorado at Boulder
  • 3rd place – Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 4th place – Taylor University

Each school wins $110K to finish preparing their satellites for launch.

Here’s MST’s M-SAT description:

Determine physical characteristics of an Uncooperative Residential Space Object (URSO) by utilizing visible light and infrared images. Estimate and track the trajectory of an URSO. Perform visual-based proximity operations to characterize the physical structure of an URSO.

What the heck is an URSO? Is that like a space habitat that goes dark? Or a tumbling satellite? The only references to an URSO on the web seem to be articles about the winners of the contest. Curious…

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