Feb 03 2015

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Holy Crap and Hallelujah!!

The FAA: regulating business on the moon.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (Reuters) – The United States government has taken a new, though preliminary, step to encourage commercial development of the moon.

According to documents obtained by Reuters, U.S. companies can stake claims to lunar territory through an existing licensing process for space launches.

The Federal Aviation Administration, in a previously undisclosed late-December letter to Bigelow Aerospace, said the agency intends to “leverage the FAA’s existing launch licensing authority to encourage private sector investments in space systems by ensuring that commercial activities can be conducted on a non-interference basis.”

In other words, experts said, Bigelow could set up one of its proposed inflatable habitats on the moon, and expect to have exclusive rights to that territory – as well as related areas that might be tapped for mining, exploration and other activities.

Many more details in the article, and this isn’t a done deal yet, as there are concerns about how this approach works within the Outer Space Treaty paradigm. Still, even the fact that the US is considering this stance is HUGE, H-U-G-E news!

I propose a Lunar Ordinance styled similar (and as short in length and as wide-open in possibilities) as the NorthWest Ordinance.

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