Feb 03 2015

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President proposes $18.5 billion for NASA for FY2016

SpacePolicyOnline.com has a FANTASTIC fact-sheet on the complete proposed budget.

Highlights include

  • While the budget is an increase of $500 million over FY15, NASA didn’t get the 6% increase Obama proposed as in increase in R&D spending across the government — it only got a 2.9% increase.
  • NASA’s Earth Science budget would increase $174.8 million. This reflects both a higher priority for Earth Observing satellites, plus the fact that all NOAA non-weather satellites are being transferred to NASA.

    Past attempts to shift programs from NOAA to NASA have resulted in opposition from some
    NASA supporters in Congress who see it as a drain on NASA’s budget. Others oppose climate
    science research more generally and may regard the increase in NASA’s budget for earth science

  • Planetary Science would decrease of $76 million.
  • The ARM Mission Concept Review will be pushed back to March 2015, and maybe later. NASA is proposing $220 million for ARM in 2016, but notes that all but $38 million of that would be spent even if there wasn’t an ARM mission at all.
  • $1.2 billion for CCtCAP. If that amount is cut, there’s no guarantee that either Boeing or SpaceX will get their manned vessels to the ISS by 2017.
  • NASA continually asks for less money for SLS/Orion, and Congress keeps giving NASA more than it wants.


My thoughts:

  • Global Warming…er…Climate Change…er…Climate science? Study Mr. Sun if you want to know what’s going to happen to our climate. ‘Nuff said.
  • Cutting NASA’s Planetary Sciences budget is pure insanity. It’s the one area in which NASA excels! Increase that budget so that NASA can blaze the trail to the Solar System so commercial ventures can follow.
  • ARM is a dead mission walking (er…flying?). MAYBE it survives this year, but it’s hard for me to see it lasting many more years after that.
  • Cutting CCtCAP funding is also insanity. Don’t see it happening, as we want to get off Roscosmo’s account books as soon as possible.
  • Congress funding the SLS/Orion against NASA wishes is a case of Republicans gorging on pork for their districts. I get that from a Representative standpoint; I don’t get that from a principles standpoint. (ed: Congress critters don’t have principles or scruples or values or…)


The fact sheet has 3 tables that are awesome references (again, GREAT job, SpacePolicyOnline!!). One compares FY2015 funding to the proposed FY2016 funding, one breaks out ARM expenditures, and the last breaks out SLS funding.

We’ll have to see how this transpires over the next several weeks/months.


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