Feb 03 2015

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Time for applause…and boos?

SIA Applauds FCC’s Streamlining Of SATCOM Regs. Key takeaways:

SIA applauds and appreciates the commitment of the FCC to streamlining and updating its Part 25 rules and associated procedures,” said Tom Stroup, President of SIA. “Our membership and the satellite industry at large have a strong interest in this process, and will continue to engage with the Commission to ensure that the updated rules enhance the public interest by enabling the satellite industry to deliver innovative services to the public efficiently and effectively.


We look forward to continuing to work with the FCC on this important rule making.

I’m torn…the limited-government, bureaucracy-sucks side of me says “YAY — less (or at least streamlined) regulations!”

But the limited-government, crony-capitalism-sucks side of me wonders why the FCC is working with the Satellite Industry Association at all — won’t the SIA work to massage the new ruleset in their favor by definition? Likely leading to higher barriers of entry from new competition? “BOO crony capitalism!”

I’m thinking both reactions are appropriate here. Kinda reminds me of

So I therefore say “YAYooo” to the FCC and the SIA.

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