Feb 04 2015

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The story behind SpaceX’s ASDS names

Inspired by Science Fiction author Iain M. Banks.

The first Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship is named “Just Read the Instructions”. The second one under construction has been christened “Of Course I Still Love You”. I figured that these were SpaceX inside jokes or something, but instead:

“‘Just Read the Instructions’ and ‘Of Course I Still Love You’ are two of the sentient, planet-sized Culture starships which first appear in Banks’ ‘The Player of Games,'” Tor.com noted last month. “Just as the Minds inhabiting each Culture ship choose their names with care, you have to imagine that Musk did the same here.”

Banks, who was born in Scotland, died of cancer in 2013 at age 59.

Of course, if Mr. Musk is looking for a Sci-Fi ship name, Dreamer’s Way is available free of charge…just saying.

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  1. English, J.M.

    Yeeaahhhh, but “Dreamer’s Way” is no “Empiricist” buddy, you GOTTA read some of Bank’s stuff 😉

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