Feb 05 2015

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Sea Launch considers replacing Ukrainian rockets

Decision to replace Zenit-3SL rockets to be made in the next couple of months. I linked an article in “Other Newsy Stuff” a few days ago (it’s since scrolled off) with the headline “Russians to stop using Ukrainian rockets”, and I remember thinking “Who uses Ukrainian rockets?”. I almost posted on it, because I think a good use of our foreign aid could be to purchase some flights on the Zenit rockets, but I decided there were other articles that made better posts.

Well, I guess it turns out that Sea Launch uses Ukrainian rockets. It’s no surprise that the Russians have decided not to use Ukrainian aerospace products since, you know, they invaded Ukraine…but the big news here is that Sea Launch is still alive. Last we heard, it was restructuring, so maybe they’re beginning to peak their head out for business again.

And since we’re on the subject, I still stand with this Video:

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