Feb 08 2015

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Live-blogging of SpaceX’s DSCOVR launch and first stage booster recovery

All time Pacific local time.

OK, I’m shutting down. Tune in tomorrow — I’ll be here live-blogging the launch through booster recovery.

If the launch is rescheduled for tomorrow, the launch time would be 3:07pm California time.
Ah…per Mr. Musk:

The Eastern range track issue, but they didn’t provide any more details. All systems have been “safed”.


1508: HOLD HOLD HOLD. Terminal count is aborted.
1507: Mission Director is still no-go for launch.
1507: Strong back completely retracted.
1505: Strong back begins retraction.
1504: Falcon 9 switching to internal power.
1502: DSCOVR on internal power.
1501: 2 issues: 1 with a Falcon 9 stage 1 transmitter, the other with a range transmitter.
1500: Terminal countdown begins. No update on AVI issue.
1457: One station is go until T-2, while they try to resolve an AVI issue.
1452: The sun is starting to set. Liftoff will be 2 minutes after sunset.
1450: T-20 minutes and counting. The terminal countdown (when all systems are autonomous) begins in 10 minutes. Falcon 9 is fully fueled.
1445: Internal polling still underway. All systems go so far.
1440: T-30 minutes. Official launch time is to be 13:10:12 (12 seconds after 3:10pm). Initial station polling has begun.
1439: Goggles? I don’t need no stinkin’ goggles! I’ll just deal with my eyes dried out from all the dust and flying grass from weed-eating the manly way…by whining about my dry and itchy eyes.
1435: NASA TV just said that weather is 100% go, and that all items in the launch checklist have been satisfactorily completed so far.
1432: T-38 minutes and counting.
1430: Here’s NOAA’s DSCOVR mission page.

1427: BTW, this launch will put DSCOVR at the Earth-Sun L1 Lagrange point, the farthest destination yet for a SpaceX rocket.
1424: Weather.com says that ground winds are from the SSE at 8 mph. Hopefully we’ll catch an update on upper atmosphere winds shortly.
1417: Alrighty! Just got out of the shower from working outside all day long (we went to Church last night), and am ready to live-blog this thang. I’ve got NASA TV on, and the weather looks absolutely gorgeous at Kennedy space center. They’ve got a long distance shot of the Falcon 9 up right now, so I can’t really judge the winds yet. It looks very calm, though. I’ve got a great feeling about this!

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