Feb 10 2015

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2nd Attempt: Live-blogging SpaceX’s DSCOVR launch

Ok….The second time’s the charm, right? All times Pacific.

The instantaneous launch window occurs at 3:03:23pm tomorrow. See you about an hour before then.

1451: Yep, the last weather balloon still shows High Level Winds. Mission is scrubbed for today. DANG IT!
1448: The penultimate balloon still shows high upper level winds. High level winds make us No-Go at this time.
1446: Ground winds have apparently picked up some as well. Limit there is 31 knots.
1443: They expect final data from the weather balloons at around T-15, and will quickly crunch the data then. That’ll be in about 7 minutes.
1436: Earth-Sun L1 is a long way away…it’ll take DSCOVR 110 days to get there.

1428: They’re showing video of DSCOVR…it’s smaller than I realized. Only about the size of a large refrigerator.
1426: No technical issues are being worked. The only issue is the high altitude winds. Where Sunday’s launch would have occurred 2 minutes after sundown, this launch should occur right at sundown.
1418: Cool — NASA TV isn’t covering the Dragon splashdown (due to happen at 4:44pm today), but they are giving updates on it. All systems on Dragon are looking good as it approaches re-entry.

1405: Weather update from the US Air Force. Upper level winds at 25,000 ft are at 100 knots. Not expecting a change over the next hour (uh oh). Winds at the launch pad are nominal. Go on all range weather, with a 20% chance of surface weather canceling today’s launch. FYI, tomorrow’s upper winds will be significantly reduced (launch would be at 3:03pm Pacific time).
1400: T-65 minutes. They replaced the 1st stage video transmitter that gave them problems on the first attempt. Weather is red due to high upper level winds (90 to 100 knots). They’ll make a final call on upper level weather at T-13 minutes.

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