Feb 12 2015

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Now *that’s* a test!

AF conducts massive protected MILSATCOM test. They tested the MILSTAR/AEHF constellation to certify for Initial Operational Capability. Given that I was the Navy’s Operational Test Director for Milstar-1 and helped conduct its very first system testing, this news has some personal relevance (and some great memories!).

They tested Milstar/AEHF integration, cybersecurity, and nuclear survivability.

Since the AEHF serves not only the Air Force, but other services as well, the test also looked at how the customers – Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and international partners – use the system.

‘We have to make sure that AEHF can provide combat effects to the warfighters so they can accomplish their mission,’ Collins said.

AFOTEC deployed personnel to two Navy destroyers and two submarines, three Army locations, two Marine sites and multiple U.S. Strategic Command locations. The test also included international partners, such as the United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands.

‘It was a huge test,’ Collins said. ‘Overall, it has taken about six months. We tested a total of 38 GSUs (geographically separated units). It was an expansive and rigorous test.’

During the evaluation, AFOTEC ensured the test was as realistic as possible in an operational environment, he said.

Sigh…operational testing. What fun!

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