Feb 17 2015

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Aliens testing nukes?

Mystery Mars Plume Baffles Scientists.

Scientists are now working on determining the nature and cause of the plumes by using the Hubble data in combination with the images taken by amateurs.

“One idea we’ve discussed is that the features are caused by a reflective cloud of water-ice, carbon dioxide-ice or dust particles, but this would require exceptional deviations from standard atmospheric circulation models to explain cloud formations at such high altitudes,” says Agustin.

“Another idea is that they are related to an auroral emission, and indeed auroras have been previously observed at these locations, linked to a known region on the surface where there is a large anomaly in the crustal magnetic field,” adds Antonio Garcia Munoz, a research fellow at ESA’s ESTEC and co-author of the study.

None of our Martian orbiters or rovers have the optics and viewing angles necessary to have observed these plumes. I think it’s pretty cool that without amateur astronomers, we wouldn’t have any idea that this was happening…in spite of all the $ billions NASA has and that Mars is a definite priority. Kinda makes you think, right?

I, of course, welcome our soon-to-be alien overlords…I am, after all, a trusted blogger personality:

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