Feb 19 2015

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Joan Johnson-Freese is a naive fool

Johnson-Freese: Why Wolf is Wrong About U.S.-China Space Cooperation. Why anyone would argue that cooperating with China in any area, but PARTICULARLY space technology, escapes me. Even unclassified Chinese documents don’t say “if we go to war with the US” but “when we go to war with the US”. China also plans to go it alone when it comes to Space Law, and their Lunar program is part of their military.

Given the above, anyone who thinks China won’t abuse any cooperation and exploit it against us is…well…a fool.

but in essence her contention is that “the United States must use all tools of national power” to achieve its space-related goals as stated in U.S. National Space Policy, National Security Strategy, and National Security Space Strategy. Wolf’s restrictions on space cooperation simply constrain U.S. options, she argues: “Limiting U.S. options has never been in U.S. national interest and isn’t on this issue either.” She disagrees with Wolf’s assumption that the United States has nothing to gain from working with China: “On the contrary, the United States could learn about how they work — their decision-making processes, institutional policies and standard operating procedures. This is valuable information in accurately deciphering the intended use of dual-use space technology, long a weakness and so a vulnerability in U.S. analysis.”

For some issues, there really is no choice, she continues. China must be involved in international efforts towards Transparency and Confidence Building Measures (TCBMs) and space sustainability, especially with regard to space debris, a topic given urgency by China’s 2007 antisatellite (ASAT) test that created more than 3,000 pieces of debris in low Earth orbit. She notes that since that test and the resulting international condemnation, “China has done nothing further in space that can be considered irresponsible or outside the norms set the United States.”

Why don’t we limit China’s options by denying them easy access to our technology so they can’t copy it? And we already know how they work…by infiltrating our universities and industry and stealing our tech and our intellectual property. I am being gentle with Ms. Johnson-Freese — I only called her a fool, not a traitor.

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