Feb 20 2015

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India reorganizes its Space Commission

by adding the Foreign Secretary to it. This is in direct response to China’s growing space presence and the fact that the Chinese space program is part of its military.

Don’t take my word for it:

India today has six dual-use or military satellites but the remaining 21 are meant for social and development utilities. India launched its first dedicated military satellite in August 2013 for the Indian Navy for its communications needs. This was a sign of certain definite changes taking place in India’s space orientations. Even as there is no declared space policy, there are gradual but critical changes to its policies in the recent years, driven by changes in the region and in technological capacities. Of these, China’s anti-satellite (ASAT) test, an eye opener to India of the kind of challenges that lie next door, was most pertinent. ASAT weapons are inherently destabilising and India has to consider how it must respond in order to protect its own assets, possibly developing certain deterrent capabilities in outer space.

A *smart* administration would recognize that Pakistan is a pit of vipers and distance ourselves from them. Becoming more cozy with India (only the world’s largest Democracy) puts a check on both Pakistan and China. But that would presuppose our current Administration had any clue (I’ve given up on them having any strategy) in Foreign Policy.

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