Feb 20 2015

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Rut Rho…NASA postpones two of the first three spacewalks

Only by a day each, but…

Experts are still troubleshooting an issue with the fan pump separators on the astronauts’ spacesuits, however. NASA’s ISS Operations and Integration Manager Kenny Todd revealed the problem at a press briefing yesterday. He said a decision on the schedule for the spacewalks would be made today after a special ISS Mission Management Team (IMMT) meeting. That meeting at Johnson Space Center (JSC) concluded about 2:30 pm Central Time (3:30 pm Eastern) with the decision to wait one more day for the first two.

NASA would like to get all three spacewalks completed before Wilmore returns to Earth on March 12. The third of the three is still scheduled for March 1. All three spacewalks will begin at about 7:10 am Eastern Time, with NASA TV coverage beginning at 6:00 am ET.

I guess that’s why

never got answereed…

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