Feb 22 2015

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1st of three spacewalks completed

Expedition 42 Spacewalkers Prepare Space Station for Arrival of Commercial Crew Vehicles. This was the first of many spacewalks this year to reconfigure the ISS for future resupply missions.

Butch Whitmore and Terry Virtis each spent 6 hours and 41 minutes working outside the ISS yesterday. They got everything that was planned for accomplished, but Virtis’ suit was having rising levels of carbon dioxide toward the end of the walk. However, they laid a total of 340 feet of cable in preparation for the International Docking Adapters (IDAs) that will arrive on future Dragon resupply missions. These IDAs will mate with Pressurized Mating Adapters (PMA) onboard the ISS to enable the Dragon V2 and the CST-100 to dock with the ISS.

Two things:

  • They need to figure out this suit fan pump issue, and
  • Bravo Zulu to Whitmore and Virtis!

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