Feb 23 2015

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Hmmm…I might just have to join this

Eleven Organizations Form Alliance for Space Development. The list of organizations is

  • Space Frontier Foundation
  • National Space Society
  • The Lifeboat Foundation
  • The Mars Society
  • The Mars Foundation
  • The Space Development Steering Committee
  • The Space Tourism Society
  • Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
  • Students on Capitol Hill
  • Tea Party in Space
  • Texas Space Alliance

Interesting…VERY interesting. Per the Alliance for Space Development web site, their mission is

The Alliance for Space Development (ASD) is an affiliation of non-profit organizations working together toward the common purpose of influencing space policy in the direction of space development and settlement. The founding, executive organizations are the National Space Society and the Space Frontier Foundation.

Alliance Goals:

  • Make settlement and development a clearly defined part of why we are sending humans into space
  • Reduce the costs of access to space and working in space
  • Stimulate and accelerate the growth of space industries

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