Feb 24 2015

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NASA’s New Frontiers is eyeballing its next mission

This is a great overview of the different types of planetary missions that NASA undertakes. New Frontiers missions are medium-sized missions (both in cost and in capability), and they are going to look at mission proposals in Nov 2016.

New Frontiers missions include:

  • New Horizons (reaching Pluto in a few months)
  • Juno (entering Jupiter’s orbit next year)
  • OSIRIS-REx (2018 launch)

Possible New Frontiers missions to be selected in 2016:

  • Comet Surface Sample Return
  • Lunar South Pole-Aitken Basin Sample Return
  • Saturn Probe
  • Trojan Tour and Rendezvous (OOoooooo…I likey!!)
  • Venus In Situ Explorer
  • Io Observer
  • Lunar Geophysical Network

Given that planetary observation and exploration is NASA’s best mission, I’d like to see money pulled from other NASA priorities (cough…global warmmm…er…climate change…cough) and put into more New Frontiers missions.

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