Feb 26 2015

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SLS will include an avionics package with its booster test fire

NASA, Orbital ATK to Debut “Flight-Like Avionics” During Upcoming SLS Booster Firing.

Actually, there’s not a whole lot in the article, but these have been some pretty slow news days. Plus, posting this article lets me tell you that I had a late start this morning, but I’m on the news hunt now.

Last night, in addition to staying up to 1am to finish a project to work, I watched my daughter’s last High School basketball game. They lost in playoffs last night :-(, but my daughter was put in to play defense on their best player (and one of the very best girls’ player I’ve seen in a long time), and shut that player down when she was in :-)

Now, I’m trying to do my news search sitting in the passenger seat of my car while my youngest drives down to her doctor’s appointment. I live in the boonies, so cell phone coverage is spotty at best. Hopefully I can get something done this morning…

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