Mar 01 2015

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Last in a series of 3 American space walks completed

Spacewalkers install new comms system for future vehicles. No issues with water in the suits, though it turns out that the small amount of water in EVA-30 was not that big a deal:

2015-02-25 18_58_38-NASA Public“After ingress from EVA-30, the crew reported water in the EMU 3005 helmet. The crew estimated the quantity to be ~15 ml, plus a small amount in the Communications Carrier Assembly (CCA) cap and Helmet Absorption Pad (HAP).”

This turned out to be a recurrence of a known issue with EMU 3005, known as “sublimator water carryover”, where, as explained by NASA, “a small amount of residual water in the sublimator cooling component can condense once the environment around the suit is repressurised, resulting in a tiny amount of water pushing into the helmet”.

So alrighty, then.

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