Mar 02 2015

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Astrobotic and HAKUTO team together in pursuit of Lunar Xprizes

This is news from last week, but last week was so incredibly hectic (cue violins: daughter to hospital and follow-on appointments, other daughter’s last HS Basketball game, two MAJOR projects due at work, umpiring season starting) that I didn’t get a chance to post on it.

Astrobotic and HAKUTO will ride on the same Falcon 9 to the Moon, and from there, it’ll be a race to see which team’s rover can travel 500 meters. THAT will be a great day, worthy of live-blogging for sure (I’ll likely have to get comfy — I imagine that from touchdown to finish line will take hours, if not a day or two). They plan to split the $20 million prize.

The arrangement is a win/win for both groups. HAKUTO gets a ride to the moon. Astrobotic gets a long term customer for its Griffin lander and its nascent business to deliver payloads to the lunar surface for other companies.

Congrats to both companies!

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