Mar 02 2015

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SpaceX on a roll

Conducts Nocturnal Launch of Two Communications Satellites. That’s three successful launches this year, and in fact three successful launches since 10 Jan 2015, with CRS-5. That’s about a launch every 2 1/2 weeks. Again I say, “Wow” (look below for my first usage of “Wow” today).

Hmmm…speaking of WoW:

LOL @LeroyJenkins…er….anyways…

This was SpaceX’s first launch of two satellites to GEO Transfer Orbit, and both communication satellites (EUTELSAT 115 West B and ABS-3A, both of which have an all-electric propulsion system) are on their way with no issues.


SpaceX’s next launch is in about 3 weeks. I read somewhere this weekend (sorry, can’t find the link), that the next Booster recovery launch will be the launch after next. And yes, I’ll be live-blogging that.

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