Mar 05 2015

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ESA sees no threat from DMSP satellite fragmentation

ESA experts assess risk from exploded satellite.

“The event is not considered major,” explained Holger Krag of ESA’s Space Debris Office. “Should the reported number of fragments stabilise at this level, we can consider it to be within the range of the past 250 on-orbit fragmentation events.

Huh….250 fragmentation events? I wonder how many involved satellites. I’ve heard of this happening to boosters, rockets, etc., but never to a satellite (besides, of course, satellites running into each other, which happens very infrequently). I’ve been in the business for over 20 years, and it’s never happened to any of my satellites…nor to any of the satellites with which I’ve tangentially been involved. My boss has never heard of it happening to satellites, nor any of my co-workers. Not saying that DMSP-13 didn’t explode on its own, but…huh…and with enough force to break it into 40+ pieces?

Definitely something that makes me go “hmmmmmm”.

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