Mar 05 2015

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InSight selects primary Mars landing area

Finalist Site for Next Landing on Mars.

The landing ellipse on this map covers an area within which the spacecraft has about 99 percent chance of landing when targeted for the center of the ellipse. It is about 81 miles (130 kilometers) long, generally west to east, and about 17 miles (27 kilometers) wide. This ellipse covers the case of a launch at the start of the launch period. If the launch occurs later in the period, orientation of the landing ellipse would shift slightly clockwise.

4.5N x 136E puts the landing site right about here:

The mission’s launch period begins March 4, 2016, and lasts until late March. Whichever day during that period the launch occurs, landing is scheduled for Sept. 28, 2016.

AND it’s the first interplanetary mission launched from the West Coast. I may want to drive up to Vandenberg and crash the party. Or if any of you readers out there can score me tickets, I’m sure we could work something out :-)

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