Mar 06 2015

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This is what Mars looked like with its ocean

I actually linked a similar article over at ‘Other Newsy Stuff’ but it didn’t have a very good depiction of what Mars’ ancient ocean actually looked like. Then I stumbled upon this video, which not only shows the ocean, but shows what it would look like as it evaporated, as well as the science behind the discovery.

Here’s a thought. A good candidate for our first colonies on Mars will be near where water already exists — likely near the North Pole as there’s water there and it’s pretty flat. However, if we terraform Mars (which I believe we will inevitably do a few hundred years from now), those early colonies will have to move or else get swamped as oceans re-appear. Sounds like a good science fiction theme…If you use it, I expect credit!

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  1. Darrell Rodgers

    My first questions are: 1) why did this happen? and 2) could it happen to Earth?

    1. dcmckay3

      The “why” I suspect is the lack of much of a magnetic field and the smaller gravity than Earth. I don’t think this could happen on Earth, primarily because Mother Earth protects us with a pretty strong magnetic field which keeps water vapor from ionizing away. Were our magnetic field dry up, we’d probably want to look for a new home.

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