Mar 07 2015

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And now it is SpaceX by a nose!

Commercial crew demo missions manifested for Dragon 2 and CST-100.

Tentative dates so far, as determined by NASA’s Flight Planning Integration Panel team:

  • Dec 2016: SpX-DM1 unmanned test flight to ISS (30 day mission)
  • Apr 2017: Boeing-OFT unmanned test flight (30-day mission)
  • Apr 2017: Spx-DM2 manned test flight to ISS (14 day mission)
  • Jul 2017: Boeing-CFT manned test flight to ISS (14 day mission)

The April target would also overlap with the proposed date SpaceX’s CRS-14/Spx-14 Commercial Resupply Services (CRS) mission would be already berthed to the Station – based on the extension of resupply missions, ahead of the CRS2 award – potentially marking another first, with two SpaceX spacecraft at the ISS at the same time.

There’s even a schedule possibility of a Boeing CST-100 at the Station with a Dragon 2 and a Dragon CRS mission – with two Commercial Crew ports planned.

Woot wooooooooooooooooooot!!!!

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