Mar 08 2015

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Now in orbit, what’s next for DAWN?

What’s Next for NASA’s Dawn Probe at Dwarf Planet Ceres?

The spacecraft’s “orbital acrobatics first will take it up to an altitude of 47,000 miles (75,000 kilometers) on March 19 before it swoops down to 8,400 miles (13,500 km) on April 23 to begin its intensive observations in the orbit designated RC3,” Rayman added. (Dawn was about 37,700 miles, or 60,600 km, from Ceres when it was captured by the dwarf planet’s gravity on Friday.)

In fact, because DAWN is currently on the dark side of Ceres, no new pictures will released until at least 10 April. DAWN won’t reach it’s final orbit at 230 miles altitude until December of this year.

The linked article comes complete with a pretty decent infographic on Ceres:

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