Mar 10 2015

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Who will be right, Lockheed Martin or MIT?

Lockheed Martin Eyes Portable Fusion Engines Within Decade. They plan on using deuterium-tritium fusion because both occur naturally in water.

Here’s the MIT take:

Ian H. Hutchinson, professor of nuclear science and engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said the project “has no chance in working,” Lockheed Martin’s research leading up to the project paid little attention to the fundamentals of fusion energy, he added.

I dunno…MIT guys are smart, but so are LM Skunkworks guys. We’ll see who’s right in ten years, but my money’s on Lockheed Martin. They’re smart and they’ve got company money riding on it.


I know, I know — I’ve done a terrible job blogging today. I try to get most of my blogging done in the morning before I go to work, and then when things are slow I’ll find stuff to post while at work as well. I overslept today, and then as soon as I stepped through the door at work, I was putting out crisis after crisis. THEN I had to leave early to umpire (fortunately, I have *very* forgiving bosses). I’ve got a break between my first and second game, so I’m using that time to get some posts up.

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