Mar 12 2015

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10 March 2015 was an exciting day for New Horizons

NASA Probe Makes Record-Setting Engine Burn On Path to Pluto. It burned its engines for 93 seconds to slow itself by about 2.5 mph (it’s currently going about 32,400 mph). This is the first maneuver in its approach phase to Pluto.

It is now closer than 1 AU to Pluto — closer than the Earth is to the Sun.

“It will also shift the course ‘sideways’ (if looking from Earth) by 3,442 kilometers (2,139 miles) by July 14, sending the spacecraft toward a desired flyby close-approach target point,” mission officials wrote in an update. “The shift was based on the latest orbit predictions of Pluto and its largest moon Charon, estimated from various sources, including optical-navigation images of the Pluto system taken by New Horizons in January and February.”

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