Mar 13 2015

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I missed this yesterday

Unexpected Drama Accompanies Safe Landing of Three ISS Crew.

The reason for the communications dropout one-and-a-half minutes into a four-minute-41-second deorbit burn is unexplained for now. CBS News space reporter Bill Harwood tweeted (@cbs_spacenews): “TMA14M: Comm dropouts during Soyuz entries are not unusual, but they usually don’t happen so early or last so long.”

Telemetry received at a ground station in Egypt confirmed that the Soyuz modules separately correctly, but it was not until Soyuz commander Samokutyaev was finally heard saying that everything was fine onboard that a sigh of relief could be uttered.

Kinda reminds me of the movie “Apollo 13” except for…you know…the module explosion. Instead of linking the Apollo 13 re-entry scene, though, here’s the real thing:

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