Mar 15 2015

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Interesting take on hardware reuse from Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Proposes Dual Use ‘Jupiter’ Space Freighter for Station Resupply and Deep Space Exploration. This is in response to the upcoming CRS-2 contract that NASA expects to award in June 2015. The article is a great overview of the various potential entrants into the CRS-2 contest, but focuses on LM’s unique approach.

The Jupiter Space Freighter would not only sends cargo to the ISS, but is also part of a larger system that interfaces with NASA’s Orion capsule to provide more habitable space for crew on deep-space missions. It also comes with a robot arm similar to what’s on the ISS or what was carried on the Space Shuttle.

Most interestingly, the Jupiter would remain on orbit, docked with the ISS (or other Orbital Stations) until a new Exoliner is launched. The Jupiter with robot arm would act as a space tug to manuever the Exoliner to its destination. Old Exoliners would burn up upon re-entry into Earth’s orbit.

Competitors for the CRS-2 contract include

  • SpaceX (incumbent) with its Dragon capsule
  • Orbital ATK (incumbent) with its Cygnus capsule
  • Lockheed Martin’s Jupiter concept
  • Sierra Nevada’s Dream Chaser
  • Boeing’s cargo version of the CST-100

CRS-2 proposal responses are due 21 March. The contract is expected to be awarded to two teams, cost $1 to $1.4 billion, and run from 2017 to 2024.

Looks like I’ll have to run one of my patented “Who will win” posts at the end of May.

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