Mar 17 2015

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We’ll take your word for it

Whoa! Opportunity Discovers Matchless Purplish Rocks at Spectacular Mars Overlook.

All I see is lots of brown, but OK.

The article also notes that Opportunity has it’s next year budget zeroed out in the Obama budget. Let me assure you that this is a budget game that gets played every year. The dialogue goes something like this:

Prez: We need a gazillion dollars for next year for NASA.
Congress: Sorry, we can only afford $1.52.
Prez: Sigh…well, then I’ll have to do without X (where X = the most painful cuts possible, like the enormously successful Opportunity program, which everyone agrees would be insanity itself to kill until the rover dies of old age)
Congress: OK, how ’bout $18 bil?
Prez: Sigh…OK, it’ll be difficult, but we’ll make it work.

Bottom line, I fully expect money to be found to fund Opportunity until it rides off into the Martian sunset.

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