Mar 19 2015

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SpaceX keeps its eye on the ball

The shiny Red ball between here and Jupiter. Great article on SpaceX, that it was founded with the colonization of Mars in mind, and they’ve never wavered from that strategic goal.

Other news within the article:

  • The company will have 4 spaceports up and running by next year, and they hope to average one or two launches from each spaceport each month. So 48 to 96 launches a year — that’s a staggering number of launches.
  • The “Full Performance Falcon 9” comes out this summer, with 30% more lift capacity that the Falcon 9 1.1. Not only will this lift bigger payloads into orbit, but it will make booster re-entry that much easier as well.
  • They aim to have a global internet around Mars to support the colony there.

Big project at work was done this afternoon, so I should be back to my more normal, regular blogging schedule starting tomorrow morning.

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