Mar 20 2015

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Chicks in Space need some help

Chicks in Space Kickstarter page. They have raised $11,915 but need to reach $15,000 within the next 9 days or the Garden of ETON won’t get to the ISS.

In reality, because of an Anonymous Donor who has pledged to match all new donations dollar for dollar, they just need another $1500. Here’s what you get if you donate:

$50: Certificate of Participation from NanoRacks, LLC
$100: Have your name written inside the hardware that carries E.T.O.N. to the International Space Station.
$250: Receive an item such as a Space Patch that has flown to the ISS and back
$1,000+: Decal with your Name or Company Logo placed on the outside of the payload with an accompanying photograph. *Donor must supply a decal of 1 inch by 3 inches or less. (Limited supply, 5 out of 6 left)

Some of my next umpire check is going to go to their cause. Help them get the Garden of ETON to the ISS!

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