Mar 21 2015

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Inspector General concerned about Orion, SLS, and GS schedules

NASA IG: SLS, Orion, Ground Systems Interdependency Creates Unique Challenges. Boy, and I’m speaking from my MUOS experience, having a system developed as multiple systems is a recipe for disaster. MUOS and MUOS radios are separate programs, and while the MUOS constellation has 3 satellites in orbit, we’re still waiting for operational radios to take advantage of the WCDMA payload. I can imagine the issues involved when 3 separate programs are developed and have to be integrated.

NASA had scheduled the GS Critical Design Review before SLS and Orion’s, but the IG recommended that the GS CDR go last since all three systems are so interdependent. NASA agreed, but it looks like both the SLS and the Orion CDRs schedules are going to slip to the right, which likely will make the GS CDR go first after all.

If the SLS and Orion CDRs slip by much, I wonder if NASA will stick with a launch readiness date of Nov 2018, or if it too will slip to the right.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

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