Mar 22 2015

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Lava tube living

Theoretical study suggests huge lava tubes could exist on moon
. A team at Purdue university has done an analysis on Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) data and found a surprising number of large (greater than 1 km wide) large lava tubes on the Moon. Even better, due to the low Lunar gravity, many of them are over a kilometer wide.

: Our results show that the lava tubes inferred from GRAIL data may in fact be structurally stable at widths in excess of 1.6 km given sufficient burial by subsequent lava flows—provided thermal stresses are low.

This is huge news (ed.: literally!!)!! Any long term colony on the Moon would have to be located under the surface to protect colonists from cosmic radiation. Finding caverns that are naturally stable would solve an awful lot of engineering issues regarding habitat construction.

Hmmmmm…me thinks I need to dig into the data and see where these potential lava tubes are. It’s a slow day space news wise, so maybe this’ll be my project for the day….

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