Mar 24 2015

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NASA to help Dream Chaser get to CDR

NASA agrees to aid Dream Chaser development to CDR level.

The agreement points to an amendment to its current Space Act Agreement (SAA) arrangement, adding a “significant development milestone” to the CCiCap partnership with NASA.

The continuation of the partnership will see the association with NASA extended through to March 2016 – via the addition of Milestone 41, specifically titled “Design Analysis Cycle-6 Closeout Review”.

This new agreement doesn’t provide additional funding to Sierra Nevada, but having NASA review the design should help Dream Chaser along, and provide a selling point to potential partners and for future missions. The article states that getting the new agreement helps SNC in their Dream Chaser Cargo variant for the CRS-2 contract, but that’ll be awarded before Dream Chaser’s CDR, so I don’t think it’ll impact the CRS-2 award decision at all.

The linked article makes it clear the author is a big fan of Dream Chaser. I gotta tell you, I am not. I think the idea of lifting-body vehicle like the Space Shuttle is worth exploring, but Dream Chaser itself is a non-starter because of the stupid skid they use instead of a front wheel. The engineer that signed off on that design trade should be drawn and quartered.

I mean, if you owned a nice, expensive airport runway, would you want this thing landing on it?

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