Mar 27 2015

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Sanctions + Low Oil Prices + Competition = Russian Fire Sale on Space stuff

UAE Moves to Purchase Russian Spacecraft Launch Platform. Well, that would be interesting. Though the current oil glut (Yay American Fracking!) has cooled off UAE, since they’re heavily dependent on oil prices of course.

Russia Plans to Boost Space Tourism at Orbital Outpost. At over $50 mil a seat, this would go a long way toward justifying a continued Russian presence on the space station. Though, as even the article notes, Boeing and SpaceX are likely to muscle in on the Space Tourism industry starting sometime after 2017. The Russians may still host tourists on their side of the ISS, but they’ll likely have to pay an American company for the ride unless the Russian government heavily subsidizes the Russian launches. Which ain’t likely to happen if the Ruble continues to tank as it has (Yay American Fracking!! with an assist to Sanctions).

Which leads us to this: Cost of Russian Space Projects Grows by 27 percent.

Russia is currently experiencing an economic downturn. Falling oil prices, as well as the sanctions imposed on Moscow by the West are the reasons for the slowdown. The ruble has lost about half its value against the dollar since summer 2014.

Most of this is due to American Fracking (Yay!!). Our oil output has tipped the apple cart (oil barrel?) completely on its side.

I believe I’ve channeled my inner Drudge with this post.

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